Mbale University Student Develops Computer Voting System

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Emmanuel Mpiangu, a third year student of Information Technology at the Islamic University in Mbale has developed an electronic voting system.
Mpiangu believes his innovation could provide a solution to the misgivings about the current system of voting in Uganda.
Mpiangu has developed a browse based voting system; a solution he thinks could solve wastage of resources, irregularities and time wastage during elections.
The system was used in the just concluded guild elections at the Islamic university.
Mpiangu, explains that his system allows a voter to register, get a password, which he uses to log into a network of computers to cast his vote. He says the computers recognize that particular code only once hence ruling out the possibility of multiple voting.
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Mpiangu says once the vote is cast, the computer automatically enters the vote into a tally sheet thus generating automatic final count at the end of the exercise.
Critics of the electronic voting system however argue that the system may not be applicable in less developed countries like Uganda where the highest percentage of the population is computer illiterate.
But Mpiangu believes his system can still work even in cases where the majority are computer illiterate as long as the government is willing to inject money to support advance his innovation to cater for the computer illiterate.
Mpiangu is currently conducting research into how a computer can recognize a finger print so that those who are computer illiterate can also benefit from online voting.
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