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Mbarara City Leaders Intensify Operation Against Illegal Stages :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mbarara City Leaders Intensify Operation Against Illegal Stages

In November Mbarara City Security committee has ordered the closure of all illegal taxi and bus stages in the city.
The situation at Mbarara Taxi Park

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Mbarara Taxi drivers and Conductors Association on Monday intensified operations to arrest illegal taxi Touts.   The operation was conducted with the help of Mbarara City enforcement team.

During the operation, illegal taxi stages that include, Shell Ankole, Independence park stage, Rubis petrol station stage among others were removed. 

Jafari Lukwago, the Chairperson Mbarara United Taxi Drivers Association says the operation to get rid of the illegal touts is meant to save learners and other passengers from unscrupulous people who may want to con the learners or steal their properties.

However, he says that the passengers are frustrating the operation because they continue using the illegal stages. 

//Cue in: “kugiira ngu nahati…

Cue out: …abo abo nibobaremise.”//

Lukwago wants passengers to use only gazetted taxi parks and stages.

//Cue in: “abashabazi aze omumwanya…

Cue out: …park nituba tukakumanya.”//

Osbert Kumumanya, a taxi driver says the illegal touts operating from the ungazetted areas are failing their businesses because they are setting their own fares.

Richard Mugisha, the acting Mbarara City Clerk says the fight against illegal touts follows a security committee resolution in October last year to stop taxis and buses from loading passengers outside the park.  He says the touts aid in creating illegal stages which are against the law.  

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