Mbarara City Village Health Team Members Storm RDC’s Office Over Delayed COVID-19 Allowances

Mbarara City received Ugx 224.8 Million shillings as covid-19 relief funds which were approved by the council.
Protesting Mbarara City VHTs at the RCC's office

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The Village Health Team - VHTs Members from Mbarara City North Division on Friday evening stormed the Office of Mbarara City Commission over their delayed COVID-19 allowances.

The over 100 VHTs wanted the office of the City Commissioner to intervene in the matter concerning their payments and other issues.

David Bogere, the coordinator Kakiika North Division VHT says since the President announced that they are paid an allowance of 150,000 they have not received any information from the leaders at the City Council. He says that other VHTs in other areas have got their share.

//Cue in: “turyaha office y’RDC…

Cue out: …nakyo tugyezeho kukimanya.”//

Agnes Ashaba, a VHT member from Biharwe says they have patiently waited for the authorities to call them, but all in vain. She said they have been missing out on many things because of poor communication by the authorities. She wants the Principal City Health officer to be questioned on the Covid-19 relief funds.

Rose Nisasiirwe, Coordinator VHT Biharwe says for a long time they have been working as volunteers and have been okay with it. She says it is the president who promised the money but the leaders are trying to cheat them.

//Cue in: “itwe turuhire nka…

Cue out: …ziri ahiguru yikumi.”//

The VHTs also said they have not been given personal protective gear like gloves, Masks, and sanitisers which put their lives at risk.

//Cue in: “nibatusindika kureeba abarweire…

Cue out: …neba netubara eta.”//

James Mwesigye, the Mbarara City Commissioner says he has tasked the District Internal Security Office to investigate the matter since he has consistently received complaints from VHTs.

He says every time he has consulted about the matter the excuse he has got is that system is failing them.

//Cue in: “I have consistently…

Cue out: …and find out.”//

The Mbarara City Assistant Clerk Jocelyn Kiconco says that the COVID-19 funds came in after they had approved the fiscal year budget and needed the council to approve the funds as a supplementary budget. She, however, says that after the approval the process to pay them has now started.

//Cue in: “the reason why…

Cue out: …we pay them.”//

Mbarara City received Ugx 224.8 Million shillings as covid-19 relief funds which were approved by the council.

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