Minister Kabakumba's Victory Under Dispute

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Minister Matsiko Kabakumba's victory for the Bujenje County parliamentary seat in Masindi ,is being challenged by her rival, Phenihas Kyotasobora.

On Saturday, Daniel Nayebale, the Masindi district returning Officer, declared Kabakumba victor of the Bujenje county parliamentray seat.

Nayebale\'s results showed that Kabakumba had won the elections, with 10,165 votes, against her immediate rival Kyotasobora's 9,473 votes.

Kabakumba, who is also Information and National guidance minister, was the official NRM flag bearer, while Kyotasobora stood as an independent.

Kyotasobora has rejected the results, on grounds that the minister ferried voters, dished out money to voters and campaigned on polling day. She claims that Kabakumba ferried voters from Kyabigambire Sub County, in the neighboring Hoima district to come and vote for her in Masindi.

Kyotasobora also rejects the outcome on grounds ,that results from the two polling stations of Kimanya and Karongo, were delivered separately today, in unsealed envelopes.

She claims the unsealed envelopes contained rigged votes. Kyotasobora has vowed to go to court to challenge Kabakumba's victory.

There are 33 polling stations in Bujenje County, but Kyotasobora claims only results from 31 polling stations were readily delivered to the electoral commission on Friday.

The returning Officer says that Kyotasobora has a constitutional results petition against the results saying it was his constitutional right.

But Kabakumba has denied claims that she ferried voters. She claims that she was only helping her voters, look for their names at the polling stations in search of their names in the voters register.

The minister has described her rival\'s actions as kicks of a dying horse and says she is prepared to defend herself in court.

Meanwhile, NRM's Earnest Kiiza, has won the Masindi Municipality parliamentary seat.

Kiiza beat his FDC rival, John Tugume and another candidate Mohammoud Kazimbiraine. Kiiza polled 16,395 votes against Tugume's 7,548 votes. Kazimbiraine only polled 202 votes.

For the district Woman Member of Parliament, Jalia Bintu Lukumu has retained her seat trouncing her immediate rival, Busiinge Clare an independent candidate.

Bintu polled 48,570 votes against Busiinge's 11,429 votes.