Minister Tasks Karamoja Officials on Livestock Diseases

Dr. Henry Mulondo, the Kotido District Veterinary Officer, says the population doesnt heed to advice from technical people.
Minister for Karamoja Affairs, John Byabagambi speaking at Lomukura Primary School in Kotido Municipality.

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The Karamoja Affairs Minister, John Byabagambi has tasked Chief Administrative Officers in the region to furnish his office with details of livestock diseases there.


The minister's directive stems from complaints from the Kotido Municipal MP, Peter Abrams Lokii over the sale of meat from infected animals in the municipality.



While speaking at the launch of the Karamoja Nutrition Program at Lomukura Primary School in Kotido on Monday, Lokii noted that a number of people are contracting different diseases including brucellosis because of eating meat from dead animals.


The legislator, who put the veterinary and the entire district leadership on the spot for neglect of duty, asked for urgent intervention to help the local population in the district.

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In October 11, the Commissioner Animal Health in the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries imposed a six-month quarantine in Nakapelimoru and Panyangara sub counties following the outbreak of the Foot and Mouth Disease.


However, many animals and their products are sold stealthily in the area. In different places in Panyangara and Nakapelimoru, meat is referred to as Coartem, the anti-malarial drug. The meat is stealthily sold in private residences.

Byabagambi says information regarding livestock diseases in the region must be availed to his office by the end of this month. 

The minister, who says he hadn't received any information regarding livestock diseases called for improved communication to expedite government intervention. 

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Dr. Henry Mulondo, the Kotido District Veterinary Officer, says the population doesn't heed to advice from technical people. He notes that many traders conduct business in the bushes where both animals and meat is sold. 

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Most of the meat in Kotido is sold in secret places where the Vets cannot inspect. In most cases, residents eat meat from animals that die of different diseases. 

In her last visit to Karamoja, the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng cautioned Karimojongs against eating dead meat. She cautioned that meat from dead animals is the root cause of many illnesses in the country.