Ministry of Education to investigate MUK strike - Bitamazire

The Minister for Education Namirembe Bitamazire wants both students and administrators to adopt more civil means of solving conflicts rather than resorting to strike action.

Speaking to URN late last night, Bitamazire described as unfortunate a strike at Makerere University on Friday, which led to the death of a student, Ibrahim Ssengendo.

She said an investigation team has been established to find out what led to the strike.

Bitamazire blamed poor upbringing of children for the strikes but says that administrators should also watch their institutions in accordance with the laid down procedures.

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The Guild President Moses Kibalya said late last evening that it was unfortunate that the strike turned fatal and led to loss of a lot of property. He said means to mitigate conflict should be used.

The situation had calmed by evening but a heavy police presence remained visible around the university.

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