Mob Lynches Imam over Death of Pupil

Pretty Susan Nakanjako a nursery pupil at Gembe Primary School in Katikamu sub county was found dead and her body buried in banana plantation at Namusoke ‘s farm
Tuhiirwe Brian who was rescued by Police

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An angry mob has lynched the Imam for Gembe Mosque in Luweero district for allegedly killing a 6-year-old girl.

The deceased, Isma Kiguba Kibirango was accused of participating in the kidnap of Pretty Susan Nakanjako and strangling her to death.

Nakanjako a nursery pupil at Gembe Primary School in Katikamu sub-county was found dead and her body buried in a banana plantation.

Nakanjako a daughter to Godfrey Lugendo and Night Zalwango of Gembe village went missing from her parents' home on Wednesday at 6 pm. It is reported that after the murder, the killers tried to demand 3.5 million shillings to direct the family to where they had buried the body.

Matiya Sseruga the Defense Secretary of Gembe village says that Nakanjako’s body was found wrapped in a bed sheet and buried in banana plantation.

Sseruga adds that Police officers from Wobulenzi Police station rushed and arrested the two key suspects before they could be lynched.

The suspects have been identified as Brian Tuhiirwe and Henry Lubega who have been working on Namusoke’s farm for past three months.

He, however, notes that on Friday morning angry residents continued to search for other suspects and later descended on Kibirango whom they stoned to death.

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Police led by the Acting Luweero District Police Commander Rebecca Ayeta arrived at the scene later and transferred the dead body to Luweero Health Center IV. The body of the girl was also transferred to mortuary at Mulago Referral hospital for post-mortem.

Ayeta has since condemned actions of mob justice and warned residents.

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Tuhiirwe told URN Reporter that he only picked the deceased from her home and handed her to brother who is on run but didn’t participate in the murder.

Tuhiirwe also claimed that Kibirango was wrongly killed because he didn’t participate in the murder.

Cases of kidnap and murder of children are rampant in Luweero district

Last month, Marvin Ssemindi a one month and half-month-old baby born to Isaac Kizibwe (22) and Justine Nabakooza (19) residents of Wabusana trading centre in Luweero went missing till date.

She was stolen from the bed where her mother had placed her and went to buy tomatoes.

Last year Christine Namale Birungi a primary four pupil of Blessed Future Primary School at Ngabo village was found killed and her body dumped in a thicket. 

In the same year, Police rescued twins in Luweero town who were kidnapped by one identified as Charles Ayesiga of Mabbale zone.

The Luweero High Court has since sentenced Ayesiga to serve for 12 years in prison after pleading guilty of kidnap and asking for ransom.

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