More South Sudanese Refugees from Jonglei State cross to Arua

At least 170 asylum seekers escaping the tribal clashes from Jonglei state in south Sudan have crossed to Arua in Uganda in just a period of three days.
17 Mar 2012 10:05

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At least 170 people escaping the tribal clashes in  Jonglei state,  South Sudan have crossed into Arua over a three day period.

The south Sudanese started arriving on March 14th and had by Friday reached 170.

Reports  from the office of the prime minister branch in Arua, show that on March 14th,  63 people fleeing the conflict arrived on Thursday, and another 90 arrived on Friday.

David Wangwe, the deputy refugee desk officer Arua, says the refugees have been taken to Rhino Camp. Another  80 others moved direct to Imvepi refugee settlement camp.

Wangwe  says  negotiations are on between the  World Food Program and United Nations High Commission for refugees to  transferr the rest to Rhino camp.

He says they are making fresh plans to deal with the influx of South Sudanese refugees.

//Cue in: “apparently what we have…”

Cue out: …jonglei state in south Sudan.”//

Wangwe admits that the latest influx of refugees caught them off guard.

//Cue in: “So we may have…”

Cue out…hand over to them.”//

The refugees  mainly women and children say they are fleeing tribal clashes between, Dinka bor, Murle and Dinka Nuer over cattle.

The clashes have so far left more than 2000 people dead.

 Before the new influx,  the two settlement camps in Arua that is Imvepi and Rhino Camp were only left with less than 3000 Sudanese refugees after about 50,000 were repatriated to  various locations in the various areas in South Sudan.

According to reports because of the escalation of the tribal clashes UN has already dispatched a team of its peace keepers to the most affected areas to calm the situation. 

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