Mother Accuses Police of Frustrating Son’s Murder Case

Joyce Mutasiga says that efforts to seek justice for her son killed at 31, have been frustrated by police.
Merry Times School

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The mother of a head teacher in Mukono has accused police of frustrating her son’s murder investigations. 

Eric Mutasiga, the head teacher of Merry Times School located in Mukono Municipality was allegedly shot and killed by policemen on May 3 on accusations of defying Covid19 orders. This was after he tried to protect his Chapatti worker who was allegedly being manhandled by policemen. 

Joyce Mutasiga says that her efforts to seek justice for her son, have been frustrated by police. She alleges that police have tossed her up and down and now feels devastated and helpless.

Mutasiga said Mukono police have since told the family not to go back to the station unless they have been told to do so. She adds that the deceased’s widow and herself have tried to get the postmortem report from police but all in vain. 

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The 61-year-old, who was found weaving bags and table mats, said her son was managing the school she started in 1993. To date, she says the police have not briefed her on whether the policemen that killed her son were arrested or not.

“These policemen were attached to Wanton police station. I am told they were instead transferred because I no longer see them,” Joyce said.

Joyce said her son was the bread winner since he managed the school that was their only source of income. Even when schools were closed in March in order to control the spread of Covid19, Mutasiga remained providing for his mother, wife and four children.

Since Mutasiga’s demise, Joyce said she has resorted to weaving aprons, school bags and table mats to earn a living. All the money they had saved was spent on paying teachers during lockdown and medical expenses incurred during the six weeks her son spent at Mulago Hospital.

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Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, said the file regarding Mutasiga’s murder is with State Attorney for perusal and legal advice.

“The RSA will guide us on what to do based on the evidence on the file. As for the post mortem report its attached on the file, and the file is with state attorney,” SP Onyango said.

Eric Mutasiga is one of the more than 10 people who were killed between March and July this year by police, Uganda People’s Defence Forces –UPDF and Local Defence Units –LDUs on claims that they were defying orders intended to prevent the spread of Covid19.

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