MP Zaake Tightlipped as Committee Probes him for Misconduct

The committee on Rules has granted Mityana Municipality MP francis Zaake two days to scrutinize a video evidence in which he reportedly harassed Professor Barnabas Nawangwe.
MP Francis Zaake in the Rules committee

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The Committee on Rules has granted Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake two days to scrutinize video evidence in which he reportedly harassed Makerere University Vice Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe. 

Zaake reportedly insulted Nawangwe for failing to answer his questions during an inquiry into the strike that paralyzed Makerere University a month ago. The students were challenging a 15 per cent cumulative increment on tuition for new students.

Appearing before the committee today, Zaake defied the committees' probe as he remained tight-lipped and demanded that he should be allowed to consult with a lawyer. Zaake also demanded to be given two weeks to prepare his submission, and also scrutinise evidence against him. He also insisted that he only received the sermons today.

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Cue out:...silent about whatever."//

However, committee chair Clement Obote Ongalo said the time Zaake had requested was unreasonable and asked the MP to speak on the allegations against him where it is said he accused Nawangwe of being uneducated, being in possession of a gun and also having girlfriends as spies.

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Zaake however maintained his stand that he cannot speak as he needs time. Obote Ongalo however said he would be forced to write a report indicating that they had enough time interacting with Zaake but he was not compliant. He says Zaake was making his work so hard.

Jacob Oboth Oboth, the West Budama South MP advised Zaake to respond to the committee saying it would not be in Zaake’s interest to prolong the ruling.   

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Cue out:...plea not guilty."//

The chair Obote finally ruled giving Zaake two days, saying Zaake will have no excuse next time. Zaake will now interact with the committee on Wednesday.

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