No Equipment for Mpigi Theatre Two Years On

A theatre worth 800 million Uganda Shillings at Mpigi Health Centre IV remains dysfunctional, two years after its construction.
19 May 2020 15:21
The newly constructed theatre for Mpigi Health Centre IV is currently being used as an isolation and treatment centre for Covid-19.

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Mpigi District have failed to equip a modern theatre at Mpigi Health Centre IV, two years after construction. 

The Shillings 800 million theatre has remained dysfunctional due to lack of equipment.  

Margret Nannozi, the acting Mpigi District Health Officer, says construction of the building, which has currently been earmarked as an Isolation and Treatment centre for Covid-19, commenced in the 2017/18 financial year and was completed in 2019.   


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 Cue out:.. it starts functioning.”// 

Early this year, the Trade and Industry Minister, Amelia Kyambadde, who doubles as the Mawokota North Member of Parliament, was shocked by the sorry state of the theatre used by Mpigi Health Centre IV.

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Some of the equipment needed for the theatre include among others operating tables, lights, pumps, anaesthesia & respiration systems among others.   

Dr. Jubilee Abwoli, the In-Charge Mpigi Health Centre IV, told Minister Kyambadde that the theatre also needs to be equipped with furniture ranging from armchairs to patient beds with anti-decubitus mattresses, dialysis, blood donor chairs and patient transfer stretchers among others.    

The facility also requires an intensive care section since patients need close monitoring with the most accurate vital signs monitors and life supporting equipment. 

Some of the babies born by caesarian section require incubators, warmers and phototherapy for proper growth.  

According to Nannozi, Mpigi District expects to receive  400 million Shillings in the 2020/21 financial year budget to equip and operationalise the theatre.   

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