MPs Ask Kiwanda to Apologise Over Miss Curvy Pageant

The UWOPA Chairperson and Budaka Woman MP, Pamela Kamugo it is sad for the Minister to promote women as tourist attractions.
07 Feb 2019 14:22
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Legislators have condemned the Miss Curvy pageant initiative launched by the Tourism State Minister, Godfrey Kiwanda. On February, 05, 2019, Kiwanda launched the Miss Curvy Uganda pageant under his Tulambule Tourism project at Mestil Hotel.

He explained that the pageant is aimed at celebrating Uganda's most curvaceous women. The proposed pageant has drawn outrage from female activists with many accusing the minister of portraying women as objects of sex tourism.

Uganda Women Parliamentary Association-UWOPA and the Parliamentary Forum on Children Affairs have joined those criticizing the minister and asked him to apologize. The UWOPA Chairperson and Budaka Woman MP, Pamela Kamugo it is sad for the Minister to promote women as tourist attractions. 

Kamugo says Uganda is gifted by nature with lakes, rivers, mountains and beautiful flora and fauna, which support tourism instead of using women.

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Cue out:.. a tourist attraction?"//

Bernard Atiku, the Ayivu County MP, says the proposed Miss curvy contest is immoral and wasn't well thought out. He says the promotion of women as tourism attraction falls below ethical standards and human rights.

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Mbwatekamwa Gaffa, the Kassambya County MP, says the message behind Kiwanda's curvaceous women tourism is immoral and dangerous. He says as men they are offended that such a thought can come from the Tourism minister.

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Cue out:…even nyege nyege"//

Winifred Kiiza, the Kasese Woman MP also condemned the pageant in earlier statements. She said women are more than just bodies and should be treated with honor and respect.

Kiwanda has not yet commented as his known mobile number couldn't go through. However, some media reports quote the minister, saying the concept was misunderstood.

According to Kiwanda, tourism starts with people and Ugandans are known to be welcoming people, which is a big addition to the sector.

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