MPs Decry Constant Special Sittings

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The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee was supposed to table its report on consultations on the three electoral amendment bills, but it requested for more time.
Parliament could not discuss electoral reform bills on Friday

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Some legislators are unhappy with the intermittent disruptions from their recess to attend to House business.

For a third time in less than a month, Members of Parliament have been summoned to attend a special sitting to debate three electoral bills; the Presidential Elections Amendment Bill 2015, Parliamentary Elections Amendment Bill 2015 and the Electoral Commission Amendment Bill 2015.

On Friday, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee was supposed to table its report on consultations on the three bills, but the Vice chairperson, Stephen Baka Mugabi requested for more time for the committee to conduct more hearings. 

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga granted the committee three days, up to Wednesday next week when it is expected to present its report to the House.

However, Adjumani Woman MP, Jessica Ababiku noted that it is unfair for MPs to be called to sittings which later flop, yet they are busy in their constituencies campaigning. She suggested that the Parliamentary Commission should set definite dates where House business is conducted and finalized. 

//Cue In: We are so busy…

Cue Out:…that may come//

Nandala Mafabi, Budadiri East MP, says the Executive has on several occasions stampeded Parliament on short notice. He suggests that consideration of the electoral bills is shelved for at least two weeks to allow the committee to do a thorough job.

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Cue Out:…maybe two weeks//

However, the government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa objected to this, saying legislators are already burdened to cut short their political campaigns to attend to irregular House sittings.

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Cue Out:…deal with that?//

On the other hand, Medard Bitekyerezo, Mbarara Municipality lamented that MPs are already running broke, through spending a lot of money to make trips to Parliament for the sittings. 

//Cue In: Right now…

Cue Out:…we are becoming fatigued//

Kadaga assured the House that the MPs\' term ends in May 2016 and asked them to make time to conclude business and then go back to their constituencies.

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