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MPs react to President Kenyatta address to Parliament :: Uganda Radionetwork

MPs react to President Kenyatta address to Parliament

The Opposition in Parliament has tasked government to desist from deviating from the principles of democracy if Uganda is to grow into a fully fledged free state.
Presidents Yoweri Museveni and Uhuru Kenyatta take a picture with Members of Parliament

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In reacting to Kenya President, Uhuru Kenyatta\'s address to Parliament today, some opposition legislators have tasked President Yoweri Museveni to emulate Kenya, which has embraced political maturity through treating the opposition with respect, instead of stifling their efforts.

In his speech, President Kenyatta emphasized that East African countries must embrace full democratic character that is part of African heritage.

Kenyatta added that political opposition is not enmity however the opposition must not exploit democratic freedoms and its legitimate platform to try and delegitimise government and undermine the people\'s will.

Paul Mwiru, Jinja East MP, says Uganda belongs to every citizen and as such,  those in government must respect and be tolerant of alternative views of the opposition.

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Gerald Karuhanga, Western Youth MP, adds that Kenyatta\'s speech should be reflected upon by President Museveni, to leave power peacefully.

President Kenyatta in his speech  described  the youths as the world\'s most precious resource. Now Karuhanga says with such description,the  youth hould be allowed to take charge of the country.

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Mary Karooro Okurut, Minister of Security, however says the opposition should not take advantage of their disagreements with government to incite the population.

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Sam Kutesa, President of the United Nations General Assembly praised Kenyatta\'s speech, noting issues on economic growth, security and the importance of youth participation in the development agenda.

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Joshua Anywarach, Padyere expressed disappointment with Kenyatta\'s failure to address the issue on non tariff barriers, which he said  still affect free movement of persons within the East African region.

Rosemary Najjemba, Gomba County MP, says the issue on regional integration is key to fostering development within the East African region.

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