MPs Worried over Presence of Guns in Karamoja

Members of Parliament from Karamoja are concerned that there is a return of guns in the region which is leading to open cattle rustling and Killings.
Women carrying Karamoja buffet during cultural day celebrations in Kotido.

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Members of Parliament from Karamoja are concerned about the presence of guns in the region.

According to Terence Naco Achia, the Bokora County MP in Napak district, cattle rustling, killing and theft has returned in the region after 15 years of peace following the disarmament process. 

He says the security personnel in the region has failed to control the killings and cattle rustling.

Achia cited the killing of the LC3 Chairperson for Rupa Sub County in Moroto, Dan Apollo by a Local Defence Unit-LDU officer.

He says there is need for Government to take special interest in Karamoja and deploy security personnel to ensure that there are no guns. 

//Cue in: “Whereas Karamoja and…

 Cue out:…contain the situation”// 

Richard Oseku, the Kibale County MP says his car was shot at while in Kotido last Friday. He says there are a lot of things in Karamoja including roadblocks.

 Cue in: “They shot my… 

 Cue out… an army detachment”//

Bildard Moses Adome, the Jie County MP says the guns are now common in Karamoja, and many cattle thieves in the region. Adome attributes the insecurity in the region to laxity of security officials who sometimes aid the cattle thieves. 

The Minister of State for Internal Affairs Maria Obiga Kania admitted that the security in the area is deteriorating.

He says they are increasing security presence in the area to contain the process.

//Cue in: “Because of incursions… 

Cue out…an interforces approach”//    

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