Mufti wants Homosexuals Marooned and abandoned on an Island

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Muslims in Uganda, who celebrated Idd El Fitr today, have been called upon to support peace and maintain high moral standards.

In his sermon at the national mosque in Old Kampala, the Mufti of Uganda Sheik Shaban Mubajje, said the only way the Muslim community will attain development is through unity. He said the fasting season of Ramadhan that was climaxed by the Idd celebrations was a time of reflection and repentance.

Mubajje urged all Muslims to consolidate the lessons learned to work for the peace and development of the rest of Uganda. He also used the ceremony to issue a scathing attack on the gay and lesbian community. Calling homosexuality immoral, he revealed that he has asked President Yoweri Museveni to identify an island on Lake Victoria to which all homosexuals should be deported.

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Mubajje disclosed that the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and the World Islamic Call Society are going to build a second Muslim university in Uganda. He said they will also expand and modernize the hospital at Old Kampala.