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Uganda to Investigate Extra judicial Killings in Burundi :: Uganda Radionetwork

Uganda to Investigate Extra judicial Killings in Burundi

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President Museveni says the delay by African countries to intervene in the crisis has seen growing clashes between government forces and the opposition.
President Museveni

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President Yoweri Museveni says he is sending a team from Uganda to investigate the extra judicial killings in Burundi.

Museveni, while launching the resumption of the Burundi peace talks at State House, Entebbe today, condemned the killings, saying, “It cannot be tolerated”.

Museveni says the government envoys agreed that Uganda send investigators to Burundi.

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President Museveni says as mediator, he had initially suggested that dialogue is held between government and opposition forces before the elections in July, however this was disregarded.

The  re-launched peace talks come against the backdrop of increased fighting in the capital Bujumbura, in which 90 people have been killed in the last three weeks. About 240 people have been killed since the crisis began in April.

Burundi slipped back into anarchy after President Pierre Nkuruziza controversial decision to contest for a third term in office.

President Museveni said today that there was “vagueness in the constitution” which led to the current confusion.

The President, who was appointed as mediator in the Burundi talks by the East African Community, cited countries such as Rwanda, where the genocide could have been avoided if countries had rallied troops to protect civilians.

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The Burundi government was represented by  government officials, led by Alain-Aime Nyamitwe, while the opposition was led by Leonard Nyangoma.

Jamal Benomoor, UN Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on Burundi, says the Security Council is ready to offer support towards mediation process.

“Only a genuine and conclusive dialogue can help Burundi stakeholders come to a solution,” Benomor said.

The talks are scheduled to be moved to Arusha, Tanzania, with the discussions expected to focus on the implementation of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement signed in August 2000, to end 12 years of civil war in Burundi\'s independence in 1960. 

Key in the agreement was the proposal for a power sharing formula based on minority over-representation and coalition-building, as well as equitable participation of all parties in government.

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