Museveni Promotes 40 Senior UPDF Officers, One Woman on the List

Brig. Gen Agnes Musoke, the one woman among the officers promoted, is a member of the General Court Martial, a position she was appointed to in 2016 while at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

President Yoweri Museveni has promoted 40 senior officers of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, seven from the rank of Brigadier General to Major General and 33 from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier General.  

Brig. Gen Agnes Musoke, the one woman among the officers promoted, is a member of the General Court Martial, a position she was appointed to in 2016 while at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

She was later promoted to the rank of Col, in 2017 alongside other female counterparts Victoria Nekesa, Sarah Mpabwa and Peace Ssemakula.

Among the seven officials promoted to the rank of Maj.Gen are Dick Olum and Michael Ondoga both of whom were in charge of security in Northern Uganda during the just concluded general election.

Dick Olum was the commander of the Uganda Junior Staff College in Jinja in 2006 before he was transferred to Uganda Military Academy in Kabamba as Chief Instructor. In 2012, at the rank of Colonel, he became the Commander of the African Union Force against the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group led by Joseph Kony. In June 2013, he was appointed "Acting Brigadier" before becoming a full Brigadier in November 2013.

Maj. Gen Michael Ondoga served as the commander of the UPDF contingent in Somalia as part of the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) from 2012 to 2013 when he was recalled to Kampala over after allegations of "food theft", "illegal sale of arms" and "pilfering of fuel" arose in Mogadishu. 

He underwent trial and was acquitted in May 2015.

In March 2016, after 10 months of no deployment, he was assigned to the National Enterprise Corporation as Deputy Director General in charge of the Kyoga Project in Nakasongola.

He is also the military attache to Saudi Arabia.

Another official promoted is Maj. Gen David Kasura Kyomukama, the Director of National Leadership Institute –NALI. Kyomukama was part of the UPDF contingent to AMISOM, from 2011 to 2012. He also worked as the chief of Education, Sports and Culture in the UPDF. He has served as the commander of the 2nd UPDF Division.


Brig Gen, Kayanja Muhanga, born in 1965, has served in various military operations, including the recent one as the overall operations coordinator for all security agencies in Kampala prior to the 2021 general elections.  He was among the 7 army officers tasked by President Yoweri Museveni to handle security in Kampala.   

He is currently the Commander of Mountain Division in the Rwenzori sub region, a position he has served in since February this year. In the past, he has served as the Commander of UPDF operations in South Sudan and commander UPDF contingent to Somalia from 2016-2017 and chief of Military Police in the UPDF.

The Full List of those Promoted is as bellow:

From Brigadier Gen to Major General

1.     David Kyomukama Kasura

2.     David K Wakaala

3.     Michael Ondoga

4.     Francis Tukirwa

5.     Dick Olum Prit

6.     Kayanja Muhanga

7.     Octavius Butuuro  

From Colonel to Brigadier General

8.     Coleb Mugisha

9.     Joram Kagyenzi

10.     Sharrif Stephen Gava

11.  Tom Kikoyo Kabuye

12.  John Byuma

13. Francis Kashaka

14.  John Sasa Obima

15. Benon Ntegyereize

16. Paul Eswapu

17. Godfrey K Muwanguzi

18. James Rubanika

19. Abdul Kasule

20.  Emmanuel Kwihangana

21.  Agnes Musoke

22.  Vincent Lwanga Senfuka

23.  Mwanje Ssekiranda

24. Francis Bossa Kato

25. Robert Freeman Mugabe

26.  Alex Gabula Lugeri

27.  Eriazile Sake Okolong

28. Anthony Lukwago Mbuusi

29.  Maximus Gumisiriza

30. Chris Ogwal

31. Fred Twinamatsiko

32. Kefa Nageso

33.  Charles Kisembo

34. Ham Atwoki Kaija

35. Julius Bagonza

36. Christopher Apuuli Kasaija

37. Fred Kiyingi 

38. David Robert Gonyi

39. Felix Busizaari

40. Keith Katungi