Muslim Boy Shot By Police While Praying in Arua

Hudson Ocheng - Police Spokesperson for West Nile.

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A 16-year old pupil of Ombatini Primary School in Terego district is struggling for his life at Arua Hospital after his two legs were shattered by a Police Flying Squad Officer during a shoot-out operation in Arua Central Division Arua City.

Hussein Yusuf of Oyoze Cell in Arua Central Division had both legs shattered when he was shot at by a team of four Police officers who fired indiscriminately as they pursued and attempted to arrest a suspected criminal in the cell but met resistance from the community members. 

According to relatives of the victim, the minor was performing ablution for 1pm prayers near their home yesterday when bullets caught him in the legs and he fell down.    Yusuf Ismail, an elder brother to the victim said he had come out of the house to see what was happening as bullets were fired only so see his brother bleeding helplessly on the ground.   

// Cue in; After hearing the bullets.…// Cue out; future is really destroyed.…. // 

Hussein's sister, Samari Eyotaru said her brother was rushed to Arua regional referral hospital where it was established through imaging scan that both his two legs were broken   // Cue in; They took him for.…// Cue out; legs were broken.…. // 

Following the incident, relatives of the victim informed the Police at Arua CPS who swung in to action and opened a case of attempted murder under Arua SD Ref. 54/16/06/2021 against one of the officers, whose name they are however withholding saying that revealing it at this stage would jeopardize investigations

Hudson Ocheng, the Police Spokesperson for West Nile confirmed the incident and said investigations are ongoing into the incident. 

Ocheng added that the police officers fired after meeting resistance from the community who blocked them from arresting a suspect in connection with the theft of a motorcycle Reg. No. UFE 159N.   

// Cue in; The in charge flying squad.…// Cue out; his right and left legs.…. //   

Reports from the relatives of Hussein indicate that by Thursday evening, Doctors at Arua Regional Referral Hospital had referred the victim for further management at Lacor hospital as police has reportedly gone into negotiations with the family on footing the medical bills and probable compensation.

Since the disbanding of the Flying Squad more than three years ago, the W. Nile Police Flying Squad has apparently continued to operate independent of CIID Supervision under which they were placed for deployment and operations.


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