Muslims Asked to Unite and Defend their Faith From Unfair Accusations

Of recent Muslim lawyers have also come out to condemn the apparent collectivization of accusations and guilt against their Faith.

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The Amir Western Region Sheikh Ahmed Senyage has called for unity amongst Muslims as a pillar that shall be used to defend their religion from accusations raised against it.

He says much as Muslims want peace and tranquility, the continued the accusations against the religion for the wrongs done by individuals is a setback towards its development.

Sheikh Senyange says Islam as a religion is always blamed every time a murder of a prominent person happens in the country, noting that this would change if Muslims came together to defend themselves.

He says God judges a Muslim who does wrong as a person and not the religion.

//Cue in: “mbakutira okubeera nekigambo…

Cue out: …bwetugya okukora development.”//

Sheikh Senyange was giving his homily message in Mbarara as Muslims celebrated Idd-ul-Aduha across the country. Idd-ul- Aduha day of Sacrifice is recognised as an important day on the Muslim calendar, used to remember Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac.

District Kadhi Sheihk Abdul Mukwaya, has asked those who are wealthy to give those who don’t have during this lockdown.

He says that those who have managed to slaughter should give to those who have not managed.

//Cue in: “abaine tuhwere abataine…

Cue out: …omu buzibu bwawe.”//

Hajjat Shamim Murungi, the secretary of women affairs Western Region cautioned men who have abandoned their family responsibilities using the excuse of lockdown to mend their ways.

She says Men have failed to assist their women in raising children with good morals and religion.

//Cue in: “ekindi ekyakabiri abami…

Cue out: …tworore abaana okutwarizawamu.”//

Several Muslims have been arrested and detained whenever a prominent person is killed in the country, and of recent the Muslim lawyers have also come out to condemn the collectivization of accusations and guilt against their Faith.