NAADS Faces Lawsuit Over Payments

A technology supplier alleging that NAADS owes him more than 16 million shillings has threatened to sue the government body.

A lawsuit is being filed against NAADS, alleging that the body has since last year, failed to pay 16,939,200 shillings, the organization owes him.

The money accrues from the technologies that were supplied to youths in Kanungu in June 2010.

Through his Kajwamushana Mixed Farm, Sande Keifogoro, supplied one-day-old broilers, local goats, spray pumps, bucket pumps, and feeds to youths in Kambuga, Rutenga, Kirima, Kanyantorogo and Kihiihi sub counties.

Keifogoro, has threatened to go to court to recover his money. He says that he his attempt to get the money from the NAADS secretariat in Kampala has hit a dead end, and that he has been left with no option, but seek legal redress.

On June 25th, Joseph Byaruhanga, the then Chief Administrative Officer for Kanungu wrote a letter to NAADS acknowledging receipt of the supplies. He also asked NAADS to pay the supplier, but his request was not obliged.

Byaruhanga says that Keifogoro was asked to supply the technologies in response to a request from the NAADS Secretariat, seeking to expedite the procurement and submission of the funds to the secretariat so that supplier could be paid.

In a letter dated May 25th 2009 signed by NAADS Executive Director, Dr. Silim Nahdy, the organization was expected to verify the delivery of technologies and appropriate works before the payment could be effected.

Keifogoro says he obtained a bank loan to procure the technologies and now the bank interest is going high, putting him on stress.

But when contacted the Deputy Executive Director Naads Secretariat Dr. Francis Byekwaso, says that Keifogoro's payment was interrupted by the suspension of NAADS activities. He however says that he will soon receive his payments.