Nabagereka Foundation Out to Curb Teenage Pregnancy

Salome Nakaweesi Kimbugwe, the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer says the campaign comes at a backdrop of an increase in teenage pregnancies across Ugandan communities.
Solome Nakaweesi adressing a dialogue in Masaka

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The Nabagereka Development Foundation, a Non-Government Organization founded by the Queen of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda has initiated a rigorous advocacy campaign against teenage pregnancies in the greater Masaka region.

Salome Nakaweesi Kimbugwe, the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer says the campaign comes at a backdrop of  an increase in teenage pregnancies across Ugandan communities.

The Uganda Demographic Health survey 2011 recorded that about 14 per cent of young women and 16 per cent of young men had their first sexual encounter before the age of 15 while 57 per cent of young women had their first encounter before the age of 18.

According to the Population secretariat, of the 1.2 million pregnancies recorded in Uganda annually, 25 percent are teenage pregnancies. The more than 300,000 teenagers who get pregnant annually also account for the bulk of unwanted pregnancies, which end up in unintended births or abortion.

Based on such alarming figures, Nakaweesi told a dialogue on Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Rights in Masaka that the figures have stagnated for years despite several interventions to save teenagers from the crisis. She added that Masaka is listed top among the worst hit areas.

Nakaweesi explains that the area has a number of dynamics leading to the persistence of the problem. They include among others, early marriage, early initiation of sex and lack of information among the youth. The Nabagereka foundation will therefore focus its efforts on equipping the youth on how to overcome the challenges driving the problem.


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Nakaweesi adds that they have designed a multitude of approaches including, invoking cultural values and norms, reaching out to the teenagers, parents, teachers and all other stakeholders wherever they are, to come up with lasting solutions to teenage pregnancy.

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At the dialogue, Brenda Nabbosa, a senior four student of Jane Francis Secondary School, Kirimya in Masaka district, expressed concern that although schools ought to integrate Sex Education in the syllabus, many of them have not heeded a result of which students are exposed to uninformed decisions.

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Betty Namagembe Kizito, the Masaka District Education Officer, says that although the district does not have updated data on the magnitude of the problem, the number seems to be going up.

She has argued the Foundation to as well put much emphasis on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among teenagers, which is apparently getting less attention.