Nakaseke District Council Votes to Expel CAO

Nine of the councilors abstained from the vote, while one protested the move to have the CAO interdicted.
The Nakaseke Chief Administrative Officer Joyce Namboozo who was expelled for incompetence and cordoning corruption

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Nakaseke district council has passed a vote of no confidence in the Chief Administrative Officer Loyce Namboozo for alleged incompetence and condoning corruption. 18 of the 28 district councilors passed a resolution on Thursday asking Patrick Bitabire, the permanent secretary ministry of local government to interdict Namboozo from office. Nine of the councilors abstained from the vote, while one protested the move to have the CAO interdicted. The move to interdict the CAO was moved in council by Richard Mavuma, the Nakaseke LC V vice chairperson and was seconded by Benjamin Makanga, the Nakaseke sub county council. In his motion, Mavuma claimed that in the 2011/12 financial year Namboozo failed to spend 583 million shillings that was meant for road works and Primary Health Care without any reasonable justification.

He said that the money was returned to the treasury, yet the roads in the district are in a very bad shape and patients sleep on the floor in the health centers without bedding and other facilities. He also accused her of blocking the Inspectorate of Government from investigating the mismanagement of Savings and credit cooperatives-Sacco's which have been marred by rampant embezzlement of member’s savings. Mavuma also said that the district executive committee had made various attempts to access the staff list of government aided schools in the district from the CAO in vain, something he says tantamount to a cover up.

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Fred Rwabirinda, the councilor for Kinyogogga Sub County supported the motion accusing the CAO of failing to block the payment of Bibbo Enterprises Limited for building a substandard livestock market despite the fact that she was petitioned by pastrolists and their leaders. Rwabirinda said that there was no value for the 33 million shillings spent on constructing the market. He accused the MP of conniving with other technocracts in the district to embezzle funds. Ignatius Koomu Kiwanuka, the Nakaseke LC V chairperson says that various projects including schools, markets and health centers were poorly done in the 2011/12 finance year. He says that some of the projects have since been refused by residents.

Kiwanuka explains that when they passed a resolution in October 2012 demanding for a special audit, Namboozo blocked the move.

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Enock Nyongore, the Nakaseke district speaker ordered the CAO to write her defense to the Local government ministry Permanent Secretary Patrick Bitabire if she is not satisfied with the council resolution.

Joyce Namboozo, the embattled CAO who was in the council at the time the resolution was passed remained silent. Namboozo told URN later after the council meeting that the resolution was unlawful because the councilors acted as prosecutors and judges at the same time, which is against the rules of natural justice.

Some residents have welcomed the resolution against the CAO accusing her of lack of transparency that has allegedly affected the development of their district. James Mwebe, a youth in Butalangu town council says that the CAO refused to declare funds disbursed to the district for youth activities. He explains that their attempts to get the money were thwarted by bureaucracy and corruption. He asked the Ministry to investigate and sack the CAO.