Namisindwa MPs Want Recruitment Results Annulled

The Namisindwa Woman Member of Parliament, Canon Grace Namukhula Watuwa, says the entire process was marred with several anomalies.
15 Jul 2019 07:10

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Members of Parliament from Namisindwa want the results from the recent recruitment exercise in the district nullified. This follows widespread complaints of corruption and bribery leveled against members of the District Service Commission.   

The MPs have written to the Chief Administrative Officer questioning the recruitment process, saying there wasn’t transparency.  This comes a few days after a mother identified as Annet Nelima collapsed in the CAO’s office after learning that her daughter, Lorna Sulwa hadn’t been shortlisted for the job she applied for even after paying members of the District Service Commission.

She claimed that some members of the District Service Commission she didn’t name approached her to give them money with promises of helping her daughter to secure a job. The incident has raised alarm prompting several people to take to social media to castigate the entire process describing it as a sham.  

Some have called for the resignation of the District Service Commission and Namisindwa LC V Chairperson, George William Wopuwa. The Namisindwa Woman Member of Parliament, Canon Grace Namukhula Watuwa, says the entire process was marred with several anomalies. 

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Apollo Masika, the Bubulo East MP, says they have written to several government agencies like the Inspectorate of Government-IG, the Public Service Commission, State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Local Government Ministry and Criminal Investigations Directorate to investigate the recruitment. Masika says they want the recruitment process cancelled. 

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Several residents have thrown their weight behind the legislators calling for fresh interviews, saying the jobs were given to the highest bidders.  Rogers Khaemba, one of the residents posted a voice note in Namisindwa WhatsApp group supporting the MP’s decision calling for the annulment of the recruitment process.      

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A group of residents have planted to stage a protest at Namisindwa district headquarters later today to express their dissatisfaction with the recruitment exercise and call for investigations. One of the applicants told URN on condition of anonymity that the recruitment process should be repeated because of the scandals around the previous exercise.    

George William Wopuwa, the Namisindwa LC V Chairperson has also condemned the process. Wopuwa also took to his Facebook page questioning how the District Service Commission would be insensitive to appoint people from outside the district at the expense of the natives. 

“We wanted to change the District Service Commission secretary because of his back ground but the request was denied” Wopuwa posted