Nansana Shooting Victim in Agony with Bullet Still Lodged in Chest

Kafeero who is the husband to Ritah Nabuyungo who was also killed, was shot two bullets in the chest.
Nicholas Kafeero who was shot in Ganda,Nansana-Wakiso District-Photo by James Mugisha

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Nicholas Kafeero, one of the survivors of the Nassana shooting is in pain with a bullet still stuck in his chest.

Two weeks ago, a Uganda People’s Defense Force-UPDF soldier shot dead five people and injured four others critically.  Lance Corporal Denis Omara, who is also deceased, shot his victims following a misunderstanding with his colleagues.  The dead include two LDUs, a police officer who had come for rescue and a woman in a vehicle.

Kafeero who is the husband to Ritah Nabuyungo who was also killed was shot two bullets in the chest. On his sickbed in Mulago Hospital, Kafeero who is in excruciating pain says that the doctors carried out an operation where only one bullet was removed from his body.

“Doctors have given me drugs that I will be taking from home after we failed to meet the expensive medical bills that are required here as I wait for the second operation on 18th next month, but the pain is still too much. I don’t sleep at night,” Kafeero says.  

Kafeero, a father of five says that he is disappointed that the UPDF did not provide any support during the burial of his wife. He also says that the army has never approached him for compensation.

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Cue… obulamu bwange babwonona.”//  


The UPDF Deputy Spokesperson, Lt Col Deo Akiiki declined to comment saying that the incident is still under investigation.  

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Cue…investigations are still.”//     

Dr Elvis Sseremba who is treating to Kafeero says that Kafeero stands chances of survival since the two bullets did not heat the heart or Lungs. He adds that Kafeero will undergo another operation on 18th next month to remove the second bullet. 

"He was so lucky that the bullet did not hit the heart side in the chest, a blood vessel, or even on the lungs. the X-rays shows that it lodged in other parts of the body like bones, that person will survive once the operation is done successfully,” said Sseremba

He, however, advises the victim to follow the Doctor’s medical instructions especially as he prepares for the next surgery, especially taking drugs in time and keeping the wound from infections that would lead to swelling.     

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