NARO Scales Up Banana Production in Northern Uganda

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Northern Uganda is known for cultivation of millet, sorghum and other cereals but researchers say that, that could change fast.

Resrachers at the National Agricultural Research Organization-NARO, say that farmers in the region have taken to the production of five high yielding, banana varieties also known as Kabana.

Dr. Andrew Kiggundu, a leading biotechnologist with the National Banana Research Programme at Kawanda says that, NARO is carrying out studies to scale-up the production of bananas in Acholi , Lango , West Nile and parts of Karamoja.

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//Cue out: # previously non banana growing areasi

Dr Kigundu says that some of the new banana varieties have not been popular in central Uganda, but they are very popular in the North.

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He says that banana varieties can easily be dried and also used for brewing local beer.