National Drug Authority to Licence Traditional Herbalists

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It could soon become mandatory by Traditional herbalists in Uganda to have an operating licence if the decision by the National Drug Authority is implemented

The National Drug authority is a statutory body which was established by Government to ensure that only high quality, efficacious and cost effective medicine both human and veterinary are availed to the population of Uganda.

Currently, traditional herbalists habve been operating freely with no licencing requirements.

But The NDA says All herbal and traditional medicines in the country will soon be required to have a license from the Drug Authority.

This decision stems from concerns by the public the efficacy of the herbal medicines some of which are packaged in used mineral water bottles, and others sold as powder in polythene bags or wrapped in used newspapers.

Dr. Apollo Muhairwe, the director NDA says the drug authority will work with local council structures to enforce the new regulation.

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Under the Licensing plan, all herbalists will be required to submit names of the plants they use in their concoctions. The names will then be cross checked with the botanical library at Makerere University to validate or invalidate their use.

Inspections of the preparation of herbs will be done to ensure that the medicine is not contaminated and a label will have to be put on the bottled medicine.