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National Instructor's College Short of Instructors

Eng. Jorem Adutu, the College Principle emphasizes the need for government to consider and invest more in technical and vocational education.
05 Oct 2017 15:33

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The National Instructor's College - Abilo-nino, is grappling with acute shortage of instructors. Located in Kole district, the college was established in 2001 together with ten others to train instructors for community polytechnics, which government had proposed to open in every sub county.

However, in 2014, government closed all instructors' colleges leaving Abilonino as the lone National Instructor's College to offer Diploma in Instructor and Technical Teacher Education of Kyambogo University.


The courses include Agricultural production, Civil and Building engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering among others. Four years, since it was made the only National Instructor's College, government has failed to recruit the required number of instructors to run the institution.

Julius Abigaba, the Deputy Principle of the college describes the staffing level at the college as far below the required standard. He says they have only 17 of the 55 required instructors to run programs in the college.

He explains that the most affected departments include Mechanical Engineering, which has only one of the required five instructors, Professional Studies that has only two of the required nine instructors and Electrical Engineering, which has only two of the required five instructors.

Abigaba says there is also a huge gap in the Administrative and non- Teaching staff. He says government has recruited only 8 of the required 30 administrative staff.


He says the college has repeatedly petitioned the Education Service Commission to recruit more staff in vain. 

//Cue in: ''Here, one challenge...

Cue out: ...more lecturers.''//

Abigaba is concerned that the staffing gap compromises the quality of services delivered by the few instructors most of whom are overworked.

Vincent Acoroi, the College Communication Officer, says there is need for government to put more effort in addressing the gaps in the college to enable them to produce quality technical education teachers suitable for the market demands.


He says as government emphasizes vocational and technical education to tackle unemployment in the country, it should be willing to invest more in the human resource need of the college to meet its demand.

Eng. Jorem Adutu, the College Principle emphasizes the need for government to consider and invest more in technical and vocational education. He says technical education teaches broad-based and transferable skills such as self-awareness and entrepreneurship that are not only applicable to many occupations but also a requirement for participation in the new and dynamic global economy.

Adutu says despite the challenges the school is facing, it has produced at least 658 technical education teachers since it became the National Instructors' College in 2014. He says another batch of 400 instructors will be passed out in a graduation scheduled for Friday next week.

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