New Attiak Sub County Leadership to Prioritize Environmental Protection

The sub-county is among the areas hit most by environmental degradation through indiscriminate tree cutting for charcoal and logs.
Newly elected Attiak Sub County Chairperson, Samuel Akera swearing on Monday. Photo by Emmy Daniel Ojara

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Attiak Sub County leaders in Amuru district will prioritize the protection of the environment in the next five years. 

The sub-county is among the areas hit most by environmental degradation through indiscriminate tree cutting for charcoal and logs.  

Parts of the sub-county especially Okidi East and North parishes harbours hundreds of the illegal loggers and charcoal dealers who have over the few years indiscriminately destroyed more than 100 acres of tree cover especially the endangered species.   

The previous leadership of Attiak Sub County has however been faulted for fueling the illicit business with the intentions to generate local revenues through fines and taxes. 

Samuel Akera the Sub County Chairperson says that they will tirelessly ensure that the indiscriminate tree cutting and forest destruction is completely stopped during their office tenures.   

Akera says that they will constitute a team of local vigilantes to report the illicit businesses when taking place in their areas for a quick response.   

He added that the council also intends to undertake massive community sensitization on the dangers of tree cutting and values of trees as well as the need for tree planting. 

//Cue in: ‘’actually we have…   

Cue out: …ma gi ngeyo.’’//   

He further explained that they will engage the technocrats, community members and civil servants to reenergize their fights against environmental destruction.

Relating to raising local revenues from tree products, Akera noted that the council through its committees will design modalities to raise revenues apart from relying on tree products.   

On Wednesday Akera started his duties by visiting the most devastated areas in Okidi and engaging the local leadership of Palaro Sub County in Gulu district which borders his sub-county.

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Cue out: …gi bwoto area.’’//  

Richard Ayella Attiak Sub County Speaker said that he will use his powers to ensure that the council sets regulations that protect the environment from destruction and heavy punishment for offenders under the law. 

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Cue out: …wawoto kede malo.’’//   

Both Michael Lakony the Amuru district chairperson and Geoffrey Osborn Oceng the Amuru Resident District Commissioner have tasked the new district leadership to fight against environmental destruction.  

The new commitment by the leadership to protect the environment has also gone well with authorities of the National Forestry Authority (NFA) Aswa River Range.  

Jimmy Ouna, the Aswa River Range Manager rooted for

massive community sensitization to create awareness on the dangers of tree cutting. 

//Cue in: ‘’they are cutting...    

Cue out: … will not regenerate.’’//   

Xavier Ssekanabo, an officer from the Environmental Police Protection Unit says that containing the illicit business is challenging due to the lack of cooperation from the local government who look at it as an alternative source of revenues.