New Wakiso CAO Sets Out to Streamline Operations

Stanley Kakooza, a resident of Wakiso town council agrees with Bukenya arguing that a number of civil servants at the district are known for indecent dressing.
Mark Jude Bukenya, newly appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

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Its business unusual at Wakiso District headquarters following the deployment of the newly appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Officer-CAO, Mark Jude Bukenya.

He took over from Swaliki Wasswa Masokoyi who was promoted to full CAO and posted to Amudat district, a fortnight ago. Bukenya, who moved from Bugiri district, has started streamlining the operations of civil servants to ensure quality service delivery and conformity to Public Standing Orders.  


He has already highlighted a number of loose ends, which he says contravene the set guideline and seem to have evolved into a culture at Wakiso district headquarters.

He cites indecent dressing, late arrival and poor public relations among others bad practices that are impacting negatively on service delivery, saying they will not be tolerated.

Bukenya has already issued a memo warning staff about some of the vices. He was particularly enraged when he called a senior management meeting but a number of officers turned up in casual wear including jeans and t-shirts for males and mini-shirts for females.

According to Bukenya, there is a known dressing code for public servants, saying he will not hesitate to suspend whoever acts contrary.

Quoting the Public Standing Orders, Bukenya says male officers are expected to wear black, green or blue suits with neck ties while the female should wear clothes that are long enough to cover their bosoms.

//Cue in: "when I had…

Cue out…the dressing code"//


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Cue out…mubademu abambala obubi."//

Last year, the Public Service Ministry issued a circular directing all Chief Administrative Officers to enforce a strict dress code for all public officers. The circular noted that indecent dressing promotes sexual harassment and hinders service delivery.   

Stanley Kakooza, a resident of Wakiso town council agrees with Bukenya arguing that a number of civil servants at the district are known for indecent dressing. 

In the same vein, Bukenya has enforced time management requiring all officers to sign in on arrival and departure to curb late arrival and abscondment from duty.

Bukenya says although much of the emphasis has been put on lower civil servants like teachers and health workers, many senior officials in the district tend to abscond due to lack of a monitoring system.

//Cue in: "abasing bali enkola…

Cue out…ezidako mumaso."//

Bukenya is also set to meet all secretaries and office attendants to brief them on basic customer handling skills.

However, some of the district workers have rebuked the official, saying that he is infringing on their freedoms. Others think Bukenya will give up with time.  

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