New Karimojong MPs' First Agenda - Special Land Audit in Karamoja.

John Baptist Lokii, the Matheniko County MP says the land audit would help the leaders in the region to ascertain how much land has remained for the people of Karamoja.
19 Jan 2021 13:33

The newly elected Members of parliament for  Karamoja sub region have vowed to  task government to carry out special land Audit in Karamoja to establish available land for the community in Karamoja.

The elected leaders made the revelation on Tuesday during the separate telephone interviews with URN, held to establish what their priorities for the marginalised region are.

John Baptist, Lokii the Member of parliament for Matheniko County in Moroto district said the land Audit would help the leaders in the region to a certain how much land has remain for the people of Karamoja.

According to Mr. Lokii a lot of land in Karamoja has been grabbed in the name of investment yet part of it is under Uganda Wildlife Authority and it is not known how much land has remained for the community.

“We are going to speak as one voice and put government on notice to carry out a special land Audit in Karamoja," he told URN.

Ms Stella Atyang the women Member of parliament for Moroto district said the current land grabbing in Karamoja engineered by few educated Karimojong have left very many families to live as squatters.

"The Karimojong lost animals during cattle rustling and it was the land that they had all hopes but now even the land is getting finished which in the hands of grabbers," she said.

John Bosco Ngoya the elected member of parliament for Bokora  said they will work hard to close any avenue used by land grabbers to grab land in Karamoja.

Mr.Ngoya said they will also push for cancelation of hundreds of land titles issues to investors without the knowledge of the local community.

According to Mr. Ngoya about 70% of mining companies are holding land tiles that they got wrongfully.

According to the survey by the Ecological Christian Organisations (ECO)  about 99% of the land in Karamoja has been licensed.