New Wave of Floods Leaves Thousands Displaced in Dokolo

Alex Owera, the area councillor Agwata Town council says that the floods are rapidly claiming homes and farmlands even in areas that are far away from the lake shores.
One of the homes that has been affected by the floods

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More than 2,000 people in Dokolo District have been displaced by another wave of flooding on the shoreline of Lake Kwania.

The rising water levels from the lake has affected sub-counties that include Agwata, Adok, Adeknino and Kwera.  Last year, 5,000 people were displaced by the floods.

In the past one month, the water level has risen again displacing more families.

Levi Okodi Macpio, a resident of Acungapenyi village, Kacung parish says that his entire family home has been reclaimed by water and he is worried that the situation is getting worse each day.

//Cue in: “My blood brother…

Cue out: … are badly affected.”//

Alex Owera, the Agwata Town Council Councillor says that the floods are rapidly claiming homes and farmland even in areas that are far away from the lake shores.

//Cue in: “This water was…

Cue out: … the place completely.”//

Daphne Dila, a resident of Akuriluba ‘A’ village Anuwangi parish in Kwera Sub County has been forced to leave her home due to the floods. She is raising her four children in a house whose owner is currently residing in Lira City.

Dila says she lost all her crops to the floods and is now offering casual labour to some families to earn an income. 

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Cue out: …eka ote camo.”//

In Kwera Sub County, several roads have also been destroyed hindering people from accessing social services.

Anna Odongo Lumumba, the Resident District Commissioner says that he has written to the Office of the Prime Minister seeking assistance for the affected families.

//cue in: “The flood has…

Cue out: … they can sleep.”//

James Otto Apili, the LCV Chairperson Dokolo says the OPM should consider Dokolo district for an emergency intervention especially for food and clean water.

//Cue in: “This flood also

Cue out: … work like an emergency.”//

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