Nile Breweries to Sponsor FUFA Drum Tournament for 3-years

Isaac Okwi the regional sales manager Nile Breweries Gulu says, this year, they will only do stadium branding, Acholi and Buganda Provinces brandied jerseys while other benefits in the sponsorship deal will commence in next year`s edition of the tournament.
Esther Musoke flanged by Nile Breweries staff during the announcement at Pece stadium. (Michael Ojok)

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Nile Breweries Limited will inject UGX 750 million in the FUFA Drum tournament to cover the next three years. 

The sponsorship deal will see Nile Breweries through its product Eagle Poa inject UGX 250million annually starting 2020.

While making the announcement on Sunday evening at Pece Stadium in Guku, Isaac Okwi the regional sales manager Nile Breweries Gulu says, this year they will only handle stadium branding and also offer branded jerseys to Acholi and Buganda Provinces.

According to Okwi, the other benefits to start next year include, kits, prize money, medals, trophies, media and other logistics. Okwi says the deal is a supplement of the sponsorship between Nile Breweries and FUFA of the national football team. 

Esther Musoke, FUFA Marketing director says the money will help boost the organization and mobilization of fans to support their respective provinces.

// Cue in “as a federation……

Cue out …to the stadium.”//

FUFA Drum tournament which was introduced in 2018 has 16 participating provinces with Buganda winning the inaugural tournament and West Nile finishing second.