No Additional Funding for Bomb Victims

Additional funding for the July 11th bomb victims is increasingly becoming a time bomb for those who still need urgent medical care.

More than 70 people were injured and many others killed in two coordinated bomb blasts in Kampala. One of the bombs went off at an Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala, Uganda\'s capital, while the second blast went off at a restaurant called the Kyadondo Rugby Club.

Government came up with a compensation plan to provide financial support and compensation for loss of lives to victims and survivors.

The compensation package was intended to cover medical bills for those admitted in the hospitals, funeral expenses for the bereaved and compensation for loss of life to families of the deceased.

In September 2010, government released an initial 500 million shillings for the victims. Under the arrangement the injured were given three million shillings while the families of the deceased were given five million shillings.

Government also issued a public notice requesting all victims, whose claims were not settled to come forward for verification, paving way for the second compensation package worth 235 million shillings, which will be released to the victims on Thursday this week.

But, many bomb victims still feel the compensation package was inadequate to meet their health costs and are demanding for more.

Dr Stevene Kagoda, the internal affairs ministry permanent secretary, says such demands may not be fulfilled. He however says that those still in need of more money should address their concerns with the prime ministers office.

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Asked why the victims were given a uniform amount of money irrespective of the nature of injuries sustained by each, Dr Kagoda Quoted from the 19th-July 2010 letter from the Prime Minister's office, saying that the uniformity in the amount of money given to the bomb victims, stemmed from a cabinet decision.

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Meanwhile, Dr Kagoda has warned that any bomb victim whose name does not appear on the final list should not bother to turn up at the internal affairs ministry this Thursday. A total of 65 victims will be given 3 million shillings each, while another 8 relatives of the deceased will receive 5 million shillings each.

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The African Medical and Research Foundation –AMREF have also been playing a facilitator role, to the July 11 bomb victims. Amref continues to provide support by facilitating medical expertise from Kenya including surgeons, in head injuries, cosmetic injuries, psychiatrists, support nursing staff and medical supplies.

Dr. Susan Wandera Kayizzi Amref Country Director says they have invested 50,000 US dollars and so far extended assistance to more than 40 bomb victims. These include 15 of who have undergone major surgeries for brain, limbs and stomach injuries ranging between 3 to 5 times.

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Dr Wandera says AMREF plans to set up a trauma center at both Mulago and Nakasero hospitals to follow up on those who still have foreign bodies in their body and offer psychosocial help.