No Fire Outbreak At Gazaland: Police

Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says there was no fire at Gazaland but a small accident.
Patrick Onyango says there was no fire at Gazaland Arcade on Wednesday
Police has denied claims that there was a fire outbreak at Gazaland, a leading shopping arcade in downtown Kampala, last evening. Gazaland is located on Luwum Street.

There was panic in downtown Kampala on Wednesday evening when smoke started bellowing out of the second floor of Gazaland. The incident occurred at about 6pm.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson Patrick Onyango there was no fire outbreak but rather a small accident in one of the shops where chemicals were being mixed.

“Some shop owners were mixing some chemicals which resulted in a small fire. In an attempt to reduce the heat they poured water into the chemicals which resulted in a lot of smoke,” Onyango says.

Onyango says they did not receive reports of any injuries.

Ben Asaba, a dealer in hair products at the arcade says, “There was a lot of chaos when people saw smoke.\"

Gazaland has reopened for business today.