Nominations For Luwero Kadhi Set After Mediation

Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa Nsanja the Luwero District Kadhi welcomed the consent judgement but said it was spiritually wrong for Muslims to rush to secular courts to settle disputes.
Kadhi Ramadhan Mulindwa Nsanja leading Eid El FitrI Prayers at Kasana Mosque

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The nominations for a substantive Luwero District Kadhi have been set after the conflicting parties reached an agreement. 

In early 2019, the Luwero District Kadhi Mustapha Lule Khamis was elevated to serve as Regional Kadhi for Eastern Buganda region. 

The Mufti of Uganda Ramadhan Mubajje later appointed Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa Nsanja to serve as a caretaker until nominations for substantive Kadhi are made.

However, Asuman Kibirango and Sheikh Umar Mukasa dragged the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council to Kampala High Court Civil division challenging the appointment of Mulindwa as caretaker without nomination by District Muslim Council.

The petitioner argued to address the vacuum, the UMSC and Mufti should have instead appointed the Deputy Kadhi to oversee the nominations and elections under which one would be picked as substantive Kadhi. 

The petitioners also challenged the powers of caretaker to, appoint new county Sheikhs and causing transfers of teachers in schools before he is confirmed.

But the Petitioner Sheikh Umar Mukasa and defendant Uganda Muslim Supreme Council represented by the Administrative Secretary Wahab Rugasha has settled the case through mediation before Jolly Shwanda Nkore, the court accredited mediator.

In the consent judgement dated 5th November 2020, the two parties agreed that the UMSC conducts the nominations and elections for Luwero district Kadhi on Wednesday 11th November 2020.

The parties also agreed that Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa Nsanja remains as caretaker until nominations and elections for substantive Kadhi are made. Each party was also asked to bear own costs of the suit.

Sheikh Umar Mukasa told URN Reporter that he consented to the judgement because UMSC admitted the mistake of appointing the caretaker without following the guidelines.

Mukasa adds that they also agreed that County Sheikhs and Councillors who were in office before caretaker was appointed are only eligible to vote.

Sheikh Nsanja the Luwero District Kadhi welcomed the consent judgement but said it was spiritually wrong for Muslims to rush to secular courts to settle disputes.

Nsanja added that the Luwero Muslim District Council has been called to organise nominations for the Kadhi and warned that any voter who intends to disrupt the exercise will be dealt with by Police.

He says that the petition was based on a personal vendetta of some elements of Muslims who are bitter against them. Nsanja also alleged that one time the petitioner asked the Court to restrain him from being nominated something that was rejected.

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Since he was appointed caretaker, Nsanja has instituted several changes in a move aimed at streamlining the activities.

Among the changes is for County Sheikhs to open up bank accounts where he is a signatory to ensure that all money collected is banked and used for rightful purposes.

He also stopped Headteachers of UMEA schools from spending money at source and asking the district to transfer those who fail to adhere to changes.

However, these changes made him less popular and its alleged some aggrieved officials were behind the suit.

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