NRM Supporters in Butaleja Protest Florence Nebanda's Loss

Charles Rogers Nabende, another resident of Butaleja town council says that they have decided to camp at the tree to compel the NRM leaders in the district to deliver to them the true candidate who won the election.
Nebanda's Supporters at Butaleja District Headquarters

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Supporters of the former Butaleja District Woman MP Florence Nebanda Andiru on Thursday protested against the victory of Agatha Hamba in the National Resistance Movement- NRM party primaries.

Hamba polled 35,230 votes against Andiru's 34,254 votes. However, Andiru and her supporters have since disagreed with the NRM District Registrar Richard Hisayi, alleging that he did not tally votes from some sub-counties where their candidate is popular.

Since Saturday Andiru’s supporters have pitched camp at the district headquarters demanding the nullification of Hamba’s Victory and have also been engaging in running battles with police.

Wilson Shida, a resident of Lujehe Parish says that they voted overwhelmingly for Nebanda, but the electoral officials announced a different candidate as the winner.  

//Cue in: “Ekitubesa wano…

Cue out:…omuntu omulala”// 

Pius McCarthy, another resident says that they have decided to pitch camp at the district headquarters until Nebanda is announced the winner. 

//Cue in: “Mwami Museveni…

Cue out:…entufu mubujuvu”//

But Hisayi insists that he announced the genuine winner.  “She beat her hands down, someone who wins with a margin of 1000 plus votes cannot be denied the victory and even the leaders in Kampala are aware, now we are preparing for the other elections not that one,” he said. 

Hassan Mugerwa, the Butaleja District Police commander says that police will maintain its presence in the area to ensure the angry supporters don’t disrupt business.

//Cue in: “We have deployed…

Cue out:…” that accordingly//

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