Ntungamo Churches Stopping Patients from Seeking Medical Treatment

The Churches deploy agents at health facilities to lure patients from accessing the facilities.
15 Sep 2019 16:24

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Sections of born Again Churches in Ntungamo district are on the spot for allegedly stopping patients from seeking treatment.

The Churches are Kitwe revival church, Rubaare reformed church of Christ and God’s holy church in Rweikiniro Ruhaama County.   They are accused of discouraging HIV/AIDS patients from taking their antiretroviral drugs and instead promise them healing by the Holy Spirit through prayers.

The Churches deploy agents at health facilities to lure patients from accessing the facilities.

Jacklet Kamusiime a resident of Rubaare town council says she survived death after being advised by a pastor to shun taking her HIV drugs on grounds that he had been told by God that she would get healed.

She says that the situation instead turned worse and on return the health Unit, she was told that her immunity had deteriorated.  

Peace Kaconco the Rubaare Town council LCV councillor says that the practice of luring patients from health facilities and discouraging them from taking medication is becoming a serious challenge. 

Pastor Benon Beingana of Rubaare full gospel church says that some mushrooming churches are spoiling the image of Churches with good intentions. Beingana says that they have already notified the leadership of Ntungamo district and the security committee of the district to move in and save the situation.

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Cue out…yagitanaka ryari:”//  

Bishop Alon Twongyeirwe of full gospel church in Ntungamo says that some witchdoctors have registered and are disguising as pastors yet their focus is to con unsuspecting members of the public.

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Dennis Singahache, the Ntungamo LCV Chairperson says that he has received complaints about the actions of some Churches. He advises residents to be mindful of their health much as they are Christians. 

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Sources at Ntungamo central police station indicate that the leadership of Kitwe Revival church is being investigated after a patient who was receiving care from Kitwe health centre IV died after abandoning treatment.