Ntungamo LCV Chairperson Faulted for Allocating Land to Microfinance Support Centre

Hanny Turyaheebwa, the Chief administrative officer,says the chairperson and his executive approved the given out land to be given to micro finance support center as they wait for council to convene.
Denis Singahache displays the letter of request from the Micro Finance Support Center

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Ntungamo District councillors are up in arms with the District LCV Chairperson for allocating land to the Micro Finance Support centre without council approval.

The one-acre piece of land is located in Kagarama town council, Rutunguru ward.

The land in question was requested for by the micro Finance Support centre from the district to set up a Demonstration Rabbit Farm, a request that was approved by the Chief Administrative Officer.

Naboth Mpirirwe, Ntungamo sub-county District councillor, says that rules of procedure authorize the district council to approve the allocation of any public asset and not only the Chairperson.

//Cue in: “eitaka eryo chairman… 

Cue out: …neshonga egumire munonga.”//

Ronald Bukenya, the District Councillor Eastern Division, says that giving out public land without council approval is tantamount to corruption and the chairperson is to blame.

//Cue in …nikiba kiri ekikorwa… 

Cue out: …okukishemerire kuba nikikorwa”//

Elijah Atuhaire, the District Speaker says although the Chief Administrative Officer is the custodian of public property, the council has all powers to approve any give out for use.

//Cue in: “it is irregular…   

Cue out: …must be informed”//

Denis Singahache, the Ntungamo LCV Chairperson, says that the request was approved by the district executive committee. He says that the Micro Finance Support centre was given the land with an option of renewal after five years.

//Cue in: “we wrote to.

Cue out: …to do that.”//

Hanny Turyaheebwa, the Chief Administrative Officer, says the chairperson and his executive approved the given out land to be given to microfinance support centre as they wait for the council to convene.

//Cue in: “executive of course okayed…

Cue out: …presents the matter.”//