NUP Coordinators Uncertain About Kyagulanyi's Campaigns in Kalangala

National Unity Platform (NUP) coordinators are still uncertain on whether or not presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi will hold campaign meetings in Kalangala today
NUP office in Kalangala

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National Unity Platform-NUP party coordinators in Kalangala District are uncertain about the campaigns of the party’s presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in the area.

According to the Electoral Commission’s campaign schedule, Kyagulanyi is expected to campaign in the district, but coordinators led by Rajab Ssemakula note that Kyagulanyi and his team have not confirmed their availability.

However, police have been deployed heavily from Bugoma to Kalangala Town Council where Kyagulanyi is expected to hold his campaign.

Rajab Ssemakula, the Kalangala NUP coordinator says they are waiting for official communication from the party’s headquarters.

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Nsubuga Muhammad, the Greater Masaka Regional Police spokesperson says they have not been informed of Kyagulanyi's campaign programme in the district.

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