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NWSC Starts Redesigning Mbarara Water Plant

Turyamureeba, says that the demand for water in Mbarara municipality has multiplied and now requires over 22 million liters of water daily but the cooperation can only avail 16 million liters.
05 Mar 2020 11:13

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National Water and Sewerage Corporation- NWSC has started redesigning the Mbarara water plant.

Mbarara Municipality is currently facing a water crisis after River Rwizi the main source of piped water in the area can no longer provide adequate water for supply due to pollution and encroachment. 

Paul Turyamureeba Kahigi, the western region NWSC public relations officer, says River Rwizi is no longer able to supply enough water for the municipality and its neighbouring areas because its water levels have decreased.

Turyamureeba says that the demand for water in Mbarara municipality says that NWSC requires over 22 million litres of water daily but the cooperation can only provide 16 million litres.

He says that redesigning of the water plant especially in Ruharo will increase on the water production in the area.

//Cue in: “the demands for…

Cue out: …ei gakubeire nigahika.”//

Claire Mugisha, an environment activist, says that most parts of the municipality receive water only in the night and others only during the day.

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Cue out: …eri ahansi munonga.”//

River Rwizi that has its source in Buhweju District is currently the main source of water to thousands of residents and livestock in several districts including, Bushenyi, Sheema, parts of Rukungiri, Ntungamo, Isingiro, Mbarara, Kiruhura and Rakai where it flows.