Nyagak Dam: Minister D'Ujanga Explains Delay

Excitement and hope for a 24 hour power by the people of West Nile is getting faded as elector-mechanical engineers from VS hydro have for The third trial also failed allegedly because of a failure between the control room and turbines.
The completed Nyagak hydro power dam where switch on of the power has delayed for tha last three days

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The excitement and hope of power consumers in West Nile to get rid of the 24 power blackout is fading away, after the failure by the Electro-Mechanical Engineers from VS Hydro power to switch on the long awaited Nyagak mini hydro dam in Zombo district. Recently, VS Hydro announced plans to test run the 3.5 Mega Watts Nyagak Mini Hydro power dam.The test trials started on Monday but the dam failed to come on.

The team unsuccessfully tried to switch on Nyagak dam again on Tuesday. The third trial also failed allegedly because of a failure between the control room and turbines.  Now, Eng. Simon Dujanga, the state minister for energy has issued a statement that is running on his Paidha FM radio station attributing the delay on the failure of the protection system of the generator at the power house.  

He explains that engineers are working round the clock to fix system adding that he hopes it will be resolved by the weekend. D’ujang urges power consumers in the regional to remain calm, saying they will get uninterrupted power supply soon.  But Fabian Ahaisibwe, the operations Manager WENRECO who is currently at the dam has declined to make any promises saying they are dealing with complicated machines.


The failure by the engineers to switch on the dam has drawn angry reactions from residents and area members of parliaments.  Bernard Atiku, the Ayivu County Member of parliament says it appears government want the people in West Nile region to continue lagging behind while people in other regions enjoy power.

//Cue in: “from colonial time…”

Cue out…this 21st century.”//

Atiku was supported by Donald Buga, a resident of Yumbe who says since the district was created in 2002 to date they have never seen anything like power, which is a basic necessity. He appeals to President Yoweri Museveni to intervene since it appears the issue of the dam has become political. Once switched on Nyagak power dam is expected to supply power to West Nile districts of Zombo, Nebbi, Arua, Maracha, Koboko and Yumbe.


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