Only Nine Nominated For Bundibugyo District Parliamentary Races

The EC registrar for Bundibugyo District, Robert Kunihira, said the exercise was handled without any major incident.
The Electoral Commission – EC has nominated only 9 aspirants for Bundibugyo District Parliamentary elections for the 2021 general elections.

The district-wide exercise was conducted smoothly without any serious hitchwes, according to EC district registrar, Robert Kunihira.

Richard Gafabusa and Christopher Kibanzanga, both for NRM are seeking to retain their seats in Bwamba and Bughendera County respectively.

Both Dr. Batalingaya Cos Kamanda and Acrobat Kiiza Moses who were defeated in NRM party primaries for Bwamba and Bughendera counties respectively have been nominated as independents.

The other candiadtes nominated are Sunday Apollo for NUP and Ezra Mumbere for DP, also vying for the Bughendera county MP seat. 

Babungi Josephine of NRM) is seeking to retain her woman MP position for the second term.

Former law maker Harriet Ntabazi was also nominated as an independent candidate for the Woman MP contest.

The other candidate for district woman MP is former journalist Harriet Musumba (NUP)

The EC registrar for Bundibugyo District Robert Kunihira said the exercise was handled without any major incident.