Opposition MPs Suspicious of Plan to Install Digital Trackers in Vehicles

A section of members of parliament in the opposition have criticized the government’s move to beef up security by installing digital monitors in all vehicles and motorbikes in the country.
01 Jul 2021 18:46

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A section of Members of Parliament in the opposition has criticized the government’s move to install digital monitors in all vehicles and motorbikes in the country.

Last month President Museveni said every vehicle and motorcycle will be required to have a digital monitoring device as part of his government’s attempts to contain cases of insecurity in the country. His comments came days after the assassination attempt at Works and Transport Minister, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala.

This week the Minister for Security Jim Muhwezi announced that the cabinet had approved the move to have all vehicles and motorcycles installed with security tracking devices. He explained that with the project, the security shall be able to know where any motor vehicle is at any particular time.

According to reports, a Russian company has been contracted to manufacture the electronic plates to be paid for by owners of motor vehicles and motorbikes.

The MP Mawogola County Goretti Namugga says that although every Uganda needs security, the decision by the Cabinet has been rushed and the privacy of Ugandans has not been considered.

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Mukono North MP Abdullah Kiwanuka says that there should be a law set in place to support what the government is doing.

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The Makindye East MP Derrick Nyeko says that installing electronic devices is putting the privacy of Ugandans at risk. He adds that they do not whether the approved company will protect the secrets of Ugandans.

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The Kilak South MP Gilbert Olanya says that these devices are aimed at curtailing the movements of opposition leaders.

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