Opposition Parties Plan to Break through NRM Bunyoro Stronghold

Opposition politicians are hoping to break through regions dominated by the National Resistance Movement in next year's elections.

In the Bunyoro region, opposition parties are making inroads in Masindi, Hoima, Buliisa, Kibaale and Kiryandongo districts.

The interim LC3 chairman of Buliisa Town Council, Willis Kinobe, is a firm member of the Forum for Democratic Change and there are indications that he may win back his seat in 2011.

Nafutaali Bigirwenkya, a Bunyoro Kingdom minister with pro-opposition sentiments, is hoping to join the Buliisa political ranks as LC5 chairman. He stood for the same seat as an independent candidate in 2006 and lost, but with his public profile growing, so are his chances for election.

In Masindi, the FDC intends to field candidates for all major positions. One of the party members, Tugume Byensi, is hoping to become the first Member of Parliament for the newly created Masindi Municipal constituency.

Byensi, a lawyer, says that under NRM politicians, the people of Masindi have been kept in the dark about important national legislation and developments. He says it will take someone of his capacity to break this cycle and to fully represent the needs of the people of Bunyoro.

//Cue in: "Masindi municipality ..."

Cue out: "... legislating."//

The FDC chairman in Masindi, Isaac Kanyamu, says the party will support Byensi's bid. He discloses that he too is up for election. He intends to stand for the Masindi Central Division LC3 chair.

Other political parties are also entering the fray. The Democratic Party is lobbying support for candidates at local government level and the Uganda People's Congress, although poorly represented in Bunyoro, plans to make a significant bid for posts there in 2011.