Orom Residents Cry For Relief

07 Jan 2013 12:33

Audio 1

Several families in Orom sub-county in Kitgum district are crying for help after heavy rainfall devastated the area for months. Between July and October last year several villages in the sub-county were cut off by floods, that also destroyed food crops. Over 1000 acres of maize and sorghum plantations were destroyed. Now the residents say after the destruction, they have nothing to eat and want immediate intervention. Denis Ogaba, a resident from Luchomo village, one of the most hit areas says that he lost over 15 acres of maize plantation.

Ogaba says the maize got rotten because he couldn't harvest it since it was submerged by the water. Ogaba now wonders where he will get food for feeding his family. He also says the future of his children is at stake as he may not raise fees to send them back to school. Beatrice Lamwaka, a widow from the same area is stranded. Lamwaka says that her struggle for years was wasted when the floods set in. she says both her sorghum and beans were completely washed away, leaving her without anything.

Lamwaka says feeding her five orphans is now a task she may not accomplish. She is appealing for help from any well-wisher to save her family. Quirino Olum, the LCIII Chairperson of Orom sub-county shares the pain of his people. Olum says the situation is so severe and needs urgent attention. He says apart from looming famine, Lucomo and Lukom primary schools were completely cut off by the floods.  He doubts whether the two schools will open for the first term if the water level does not recede. He says he has informed the district leadership and the area legislators about the plight;

//Cue in: “flood has ended…

Cue out:  …two primary schools”//

Olum  also wonders whether parents will send their children to school as the floods have destroyed the sources of their income. He has urged government and other aid agencies to intervene to save the residents of the sub-county. He says the only means to save the people from starvation is through emergency relief.

//Cue in: “people live on…

Cue out: …and other things”//

The district disaster team led by the Chief Administrative Officer has not yet responded to the pleas. Attempts to get clarifications proved unsuccessful as the district officials were still away from office.