Orom Residents Fault Government over Water

Pachutho says the situation is alarming during the dry season when the streams and wells dry off.

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Residents of Orom Sub County in Kitgum district have expressed dissatisfaction over the failure by government to provide them with clean safe water. Several villages in the area do not have access to clean water. Those lucky enough fetch water from contaminated streams and ponds while the unfortunate ones trek for close to 20 kilometers to get water. According to some of the residents, several years ago, officials from ministry of water toured the area and promised to construct a gravity water flow scheme. They argue that since then, nothing has been done. Denis Pachutho, a resident from Akorumo parish says they trek for over 10 kilometers to fetch water from the top of Orom Mountain.

Pachutho says the situation is alarming during the dry season when the streams and wells dry off. Pachutho wonders why the government has failed to extend clean water services to Orom sub-county. He blames both Kitgum district leadership and the central government for negligence. Maria Amony, an old woman from the same area says she has been fetching water from the mountain during the dry season for the last 50 years of her marriage in the area. Amony says it is unfortunate that even the local politicians and leaders from the sub-county have failed to raise their voices to draw the attention of the district and central government to their plight.


Quirino Olum, the LC III chairman of Orom sub-county says that officials from the water ministry returned to the sub county two weeks ago. He says they toured several water sources with them until they zeroed on Karakanet River on Orom Mountain. He says the officials promised to go back in a months’ time with the design and details of the construction. Olum however says that based on the previous experience, he is pessimistic about the construction. He has challenged the officials to implement the project so that the locals can have access to clean water for domestic use and production;

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He says his people have suffered for too long without access to clean water. Attempt get clarifications from the officials of ministry of water and environment were unsuccessful as our repeated calls went unanswered.