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Otafiire: Uganda Does Not Need National Dialogue :: Uganda Radionetwork

Otafiire: Uganda Does Not Need National Dialogue

Kahinda said that National Dialogue is only possible if the country is in a movement system or failed state.
Major General Kahinda Otafiire the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs speaking on Thursday at burial of Former Attorney General Peter Nyombi

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Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Maj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire  casts doubt on the necessity for a National Dialogue in Uganda. 

Otafiire says that National dialogue is acceptable in only movement system where governance is based on consensus and most unlikely under a multiparty dispensation.

His comments come on the backdrop of arrangements by the Inter Religious Council of Uganda, an umbrella body for key religious denominations together with the Elders Forum, and Civil Society Organizations intend to launch a process for National Dialogue. The goal of the National Dialogue Process is to agree on a new national consensus to consolidate peace, democracy and inclusive.

However key players in the government and opposition political parties remain non-committed the process, due to be launched on November 21.

Otafiire explains that Multiparty is a competition where people give mandate to one party to lead them for five years after all interested parties present ideas to them. He added that  the NRM government needs time to implement its manifesto till another election.

Kahinda revealed that National Dialogue could only be accepted  if the country was in the movement system or  under a failed state.

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But Patrick Amuriat, the President For Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party says that Kahinda's statements confirm their suspicion that  President Yoweri Museveni has never been interested in dialogue.

Amuriat  says that FDC believes in dialogue for purposes of bringing peace in the country.

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Recently Opposition political parties listed seven demands if they are to participate in the exercise. They included a clear agenda and guarantee of mutual respect for the outcomes of the talks, the composition of the participants, modalities of convening and arrangements of independent financing of the dialogue. 

But yesterday Dr Maggie Kigozi a member of the Elders' Forum reiterated the need for National Dialogue saying it won't address only political issues but among others economic and service delivery.  

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