Otuke RDC, LC3 Chairperson Bicker over Eviction of Herdsmen

The herdsmen were evicted from the district in June following the presidential directive.

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John Wafula, the Otuke Resident District Commissioner and the Olilim Sub County LCIII chairperson are bickering over the eviction of herdsmen.

The herdsmen were evicted from the district in June following a presidential directive.

Just two weeks ago, the district security committee blocked fresh attempts by some herdsmen from entering the district again. The decision resulted into bickering between some local leaders and the district security committee.

Otyama, who was arrested over alleged theft of livestock belonging to Francis Kiiza, a herdsman, accused Wafula of witch-hunt.

He claimed he was framed by a section of some leaders and security officials who had previously been extorting money from the herdsmen promising to allow them graze their livestock in the area.

He claimed he is being fought by those who had been protecting the herdsmen.

Otyama's claims have been trashed by Wafula.

Wafula said it was wrong for Otyama to use his office to commit an offence.

“We don't allow people to use their offices to commit offences, so there is no way one would start saying he is being fought, we are here not fight anybody, we are here to maintain law and order, one would rather accept his mistakes,” RDC Wafula said.

He says nobody is fighting Otyama much as he has been useful in helping the district security committee to flash out the herdsmen from the area.

//Cue in: “We don't allow …

Cue out: …steal their property,”//

Just last week, a total of 46 animals belonging to Kiiza, a herdsman who had stealthily returned to Otuke were sent away on the orders of Wafula. 

Kiiza claimed he was helped to return to Otuke by some local leaders whom he had paid money.