Otunnu Under Party Fire for Misconduct

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The UPC party members have petitioned the party disciplinary committee over Dr. Olara Otunnu’s conduct.

Led by Enap Adim Dennis, party members are irked by the way Otunnu is handling the party affairs. They say sone year, after he was elected president of the UPC party, Otunnu leadership has shown no sense of direction.

Adim says that Otunnu and his excecutive have so far succeded in abusing the UPC party constituion, and to misuse the party funds and resources.

Adim says former Party President Miria Kalule Obote, had collected 706 million shillings to train trainees who were to set up and deploy members at parish and village levels . he however says that this coallpsed after her departure from office.

Otunnu is also accused of deliberately failing �to institute party branches all over the country,

He has also come under fire for allegedly destroying the UPC party records and for excluding President Apollo Militon Obote from the history of UPC.

But above all, the party members are not amused by Otunnu's refusal to vote in the just concludeed election.

Adim is now demanding that the party cabinet headed by the former UN Ambassador registers the party constitution as amended and approved by the Delegates conference in 2008.

According to the party constitution, the President is mandated to form a fully fledged cabinet with structures which Adim says the UPC currently lacks.

They are also demanding that Otunnu avails to all members the accountability of all funds he has received since he was elected president of the UPC party.

//Cue in..we want also.”

Cue out…people’s congress.”//

When contacted, �Otunnu �said he could not comment about the petition.

However, the party National chairman Prof. Patrick Rubaihayo, says the party does not have a working disciplinary committee to resolve the issues raised by the aggrieved members.

Prof. Rubaihayo who also acted as the party treasurer during the election period, refused to disclose how much money was spent by the party on the elections.

He says they used international accounting standards which will be made available to the party members when they next hold their National council meeting.

Party officials contend that prior to the elections; the party had not established a source of funding for its activities. This forced them to spend part of the money from the Obote Foundation and a personal contribution by the party president.